Greatest Days

  • Screening Dates: 18th July, 6 pm  //  25th July, 8 pm
  • Starring: Aisling Bea, Alice Lowe, Jayde Adams, Amaka Okafor
  • Directed by: "Coky" Giedroyc
  • Running time: 112 mins
  • Rating: M
Musical – Comedy:

Rachel (Aisling Bea), a hardworking NHS nurse is astonished one day to be phoned up by the local radio station and told she’s won a luxury all-inclusive deal for her and some guests to fly to Athens and see Take That on a reunion tour. In her teen years, Rachel, a massive Take That fan along with her four best mates from school realises she must round up the now middle-aged women she hasn’t seen or 25 years and have to measure the joys and bittersweet disappointments of their lives against a Take That soundtrack. Rachel, also has to confront a painful memory connected to the last time they saw the band live in Manchester.