The Last Sentence

  • Screening Dates: 19th September, 6 pm  //  26th September, 8 pm
  • Starring: Jesper Christensen, Pernilla August
  • Directed by: Jan Troell ('The Emigrants', 'Everlasting Moments')
  • Running time: 120 minutes
  • Rating: (M) Adult themes
  • Language: Swedish with English subtitles

The man who challenged the Third Reich.

Based on the life of Swedish journalist Torgny Segerstedt, this black and white biopic follows Segerstedt’s one-man battle against Hitler, the Nazi regime and his own country’s neutrality. Officially neutral but fearing German reprisal, Sweden’s leaders did their best to silence the writer, especially as he began attracting the ire of top Nazi officials.