Welcome to the South (Benvenuti al sud)

  • Screening Dates: 18th July, 6 pm  //  25th July, 8 pm
  • Starring: Claudio Bisio, Alessandro Siani, Angela Finocchiaro, Valentina Lodovini
  • Directed by: Luca Miniero ('Questa notte รจ ancora nostra')
  • Running time: 103 minutes
  • Rating: (M) contains offensive language
  • Language: Italian with English subtitles

A massive box office hit in native Italy, in this comedy Alberto is holding out hope for a work transfer to Milan, but instead ends up in a small town in southern Italy. It’s a part of the country he considers backward and crime-ridden until the scenery and lovely locals begin to change his attitudes. A remake of 2008 French film Welcome to the Sticks.

Alberto (Claudio Bisio) is a postal worker hoping to transfer to Milan, the city of his dreams, but instead he is sent to Castellabate. He arrives in the Italian south with preconceptions, prejudice and a bullet proof vest firmly in place. His wife, Maria (Angela Finocchiaro), is too terrified to accompany him to what she imagines is a hot and dirty hilltop town swarming with mafia. Soon, however, Alberto falls for the natural beauty and the charming locals, including the postman (Alessandro Siani) and a postal clerk (Valentina Lodovini), who introduce the northerner to the joys of southern life.