A Stitch in Time

  • Screening Dates: 29th June, 6pm   //  6th July, 8pm
  • Starring: Maggie Blinco, Glenn Shorrock, Belinda Giblin, John Gregg
  • Directed by: Sasha Hadden
  • Running time: 98 mins
  • Rating: M

 A heart-warming story about former dressmaker Liebe (Maggie Blinco) who reinvents herself after befriending young Chinese fashion designer Hamish (Hoa Xuande).  When Liebe’s partner Duncan (Glenn Shorrock)) loses his job singing at the local pub, Liebe throws herself into helping Duncan realise his dream to record an album. Inspired by Hamish, Liebe decides to make clothes again to support Duncan financially, but quickly reignites a long-forgotten passion for her craft. With Duncan intent on shutting down her dreams, Liebe packs her bags and moves in with her best friend, Christine (Belinda Giblin), and her unsuspecting husband, Justin (John Gregg), to reclaim her life and discover where she belongs.