FILM SEASON - 2020 Film Nights:

Our film season is set to begin on Thursday 5 March and will conclude on Thursday 19 November.
We screen two flms each Thursday evening - @ 6pm and @ 8pm - in either the Capitaine Bougainville Theatre or the Exhibition Hall at Forum North, Rust Avenue, unless there is no venue available for hire by the WFS.

Any queries ... please contact WFS Chair Bridget O'Rourke or WFS Secretary Marilyn Stafford via the drop down box on the Contacts page.

WFS 2017 Season

Our 2017 film nights begin on Thursday 2 March with our AGM – all members welcome – and followed by a screening of THE CATCH. Our next film night is on Thursday 16 March (due to the unavailability of any Forum North venues on 9 March) … refer to the Film page for the programme of all films up until the end of May. Details of the films, venues and other information will be emailed out to members and supporters in the weekly Notices in the upcoming weeks.

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