• Screening Date: 19th November, 6.15 pm
  • Starring: Brian Cox, Lauren Bacall, James Fox
  • Directed by: Robert Young
  • Running time: 90 mins
  • Rating: M


A delightful comedy about a colourful rogue, who breaks all the rules to fulfil an old friend’s dying wish to be buried at sea.

When Wally (Brian Cox) learns that his life-long best mate, Skipper has just died – as he lived – at the pub, Wally knows in his heart that he owes Skipper “a sailor’s funeral” – a burial at sea. However, the officials from Skipper’s retirement home and his relatives all have other ideas and a traditional funeral is organised. Faced with a set of overwhelming odds, Wally enlists the help of his friend, May (Lauren Bacall) to help him with the heist of a lifetime.

All at Sea is an entertaining romp, led by a brilliantly unhinged performance from Cox.