• Screening Dates: 28th March, 6pm  //  4th April, 8pm
  • Starring: César Bordón, Rômulo Braga, Jean de Almeida Costa
  • Directed by: Carolina Markowicz
  • Running time: 104 mins
  • Rating: M - violence and offensive language
  • Language: Spanish & Portugese with English subtitles

In the Sao Paulo countryside, a rural peasant family struggle to care for their ailing patriarch; one day, however, an Argentine drug lord arrives with an offer to give them a substantial amount of money conditional on permitting him to kill the old man and take his place as part of his efforts to hide out from criminal prosecution.

Markowicz blends biting social commentary on the pervasive forces that prey on the least fortunate and an acute sensibility for deadpan comedy of a very dark kind.                                    – Diana Cadavid, Toronto International Film Festival