Everybody Has a Plan (Todos tenemos un plan)

  • Screening Dates: 24th October, 6 pm  //  31st October, 8 pm
  • Starring: Viggo Mortensen, Soledad Villamil, Daniel Fanego, Javier Godino, Sofía Gala, Oscar Alegre
  • Directed by: Ana Piterbarg (feature debut)
  • Running time: 113 minutes
  • Rating: (R16) Violence and offensive language
  • Language: Spanish with English subtitles

Slow-burning noir drama starring Viggo Mortensen as Agustin, a man who assumes the identity of his recently deceased identical twin brother. Returning to the region of Argentina’s Delta, where they lived when they were boys, Agustin finds himself unwillingly involved in the dangerous criminal world that was a part of his brother’s life.