• Screening Dates: 14th September, 6pm  //  21st September, 8pm
  • Starring: Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • Directed by: Eva Weber
  • Running time: 92 mins
  • Rating: E - Exempt
  • Language: English & German with English subtitles

For years Angela Merkel, the first female Chancellor of Germany, was Western Europe’s most influential leader. Yet despite her historic 16-year Chancellorship of Germany, she remains something of an enigma. Clear-eyed, cool-headed, diligent, and methodical, she put her policies first, keeping her personal life private.

From Merkel’s upbringing in East Germany, and studies in quantum chemistry, to her surprising start in politics and fast ascent, this fascinating documentary creates a rich portrait using a vast array of archival material and revealing interviews from friends and colleagues, including journalists, political allies, and critics.

A thoughtful examination of Merkel’s life and career. Her story is told with humour, subtlety, and poignancy.