Our Little Sister

  • Screening Dates: 30th June, 8pm  //  21st July, 6pm
  • Starring: Masam Nagasawa, Kaho,Haruka Ayase & Suzu Hirose,
  • Directed by: Hirokazu Koreeda
  • Running time: 128 mins
  • Rating: M
  • Language: Japanese with English subtitles

DRAMA:  Three twentysomething sisters live together in the large family house in the city of Kamakura. Yoshi [Masam Nagasawa] works in a bank and is reasonably happy with her job and single status but drinks too much. Chika [Kaho] works in a sports shop and is the baby of the group. Sachi [Haruka Ayase] is a nurse at the local hospital: beautiful, poised but emotionally frozen, unhappily involved in an affair with a married doctor. All three have long since been estranged from both parents. Their mother walked out on them during their young adulthood and their father has been absent for the past 15 years. When they receive news of their father’s death they travel to the countryside for his funeral and meet their shy teenage half-sister. Bonding quickly with the orphaned Suzu [Suzu Hirose], they invite her to live with them. Suzu eagerly agrees, and a new life of joyful discovery begins for the four siblings.

Described as “a richly pleasing film, that brings together the classic imagery of a Japanese provincial family drama: rural train journeys, group meals, and discussions linking family and food – denoting humility and patience – melancholy funerals and some wonderful seasonal compositions. Watching this film is a vitamin boost for the soul”.                                     SOURCE: Peter Bradshaw’s film of the week, The Guardian 16 April 2016