The Last Full Measure

  • Screening Dates: 29th October, 6 pm  //  12th November, 8 pm
  • Starring: William Hurt, Samuel L Jackson, Sebastion Stan, Ed Harris, Jeremy Irvine, Peter Fonda, Christopher Plummer, Diane Ladd, Bradley Whitford, Linus Roache
  • Directed by: Todd Robinson
  • Running time: 118 mins
  • Rating: M - strong language, war violence


In this fact-based film, Scott Huffman [Sebastian Stan] is a Department of Defense legal cog solicited by a Vietnam veteran [William Hurt] to pursue a Medal of Honor for a fallen colleague, an Air Force pararescue medic, William Pitsenbarger. Although inclined to shrug the case off, Huffman speaks to Pitsenbarger’s parents [Christopher Plummer and Diane Ladd] with the clock ticking to get the medal sorted while they are still alive.
Initially barely hiding his boredom, Huffman sets out to interview a group of veterans, played by Ed Harris, Samuel L Jackson and Peter Fonda (in his last ever film role) – the soldiers rescued by Pitsenbarger – and discovers men who are still yet to come to terms with the war that has scarred them their whole adult lives.
When the top brass try to slow down the process of awarding the medal, Huffman is now moved to fight an all-out war for Pitsenbarger, to pay tribute to a fallen hero who gave his “last full measure” of service to his country.