• Screening Dates: 12th May, 6pm  //  19th May, 8pm
  • Starring: Javier Cámara, Griselda Siciliani, Belén Cuesta, Alberto San Juan
  • Directed by: Cesc Gay
  • Running time: 82 mins
  • Rating: M | R16 - Sexual references and offensive language
  • Language: Spanish with English subtitles


In their smart and spacious apartment, Ana and Julio are bickering. Again. Together for 15 years, their arguing is the last channel of communication between them. Julio is defensive, cowering behind a prickly hedgerow of cynicism, deflecting anything that makes him uncomfortable with a joke or a putdown. Meanwhile, Ana is just weary. Weary of being a woman in her 40s who can’t so much as buy a new rug for the apartment without Julio mocking and belittling her.

So when Ana invites the new neighbours from upstairs for drinks, Julio threatens to embarrass their guests. But soon enough it’s the guests who let rip with a series of their own revelations about their hosts. Awkward questions are asked and it’s Julio who must find the answers.