Tommy’s Honour

  • Screening Dates: 5th April, 8pm  //  12th April, 6pm
  • Starring: Pete Mullan, Jack Lowden, Orphelia Lovibond, Sam Neill
  • Directed by: Jason Connery
  • Running time: 117 mins
  • Rating: M

DRAMA, UK 2017 

Tommy’s Honour is a 2016 historical drama film depicting the lives and careers of, and the complex relationship between, the pioneering Scottish golfing champions Old Tom Morris and his son Young Tom Morris. Set in  St Andrews, Scotland in 1866, 15-year-old Tommy (Jack Lowden) is an avid golfer like his legendary and pioneering father, Tom Morris  (Peter Mullan). “Old Tom” is greens-keeper for The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, as well as the town’s club- and ball-maker. He is the two-time winner of the first major golf tournament, The Open Championship, which he founded in 1860. He also established golf’s standard of 18 holes per round. But young Tommy is beginning to chafe at his father’s dictates, especially in the rapidly changing world they live in.

SOURCE: Wikipedia