99 Homes

  • Screening Dates: 1st September, 8pm  //  8th September, 6pm
  • Starring: Michael Shannon, Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern
  • Directed by: Ramin Bahrani
  • Running time: 112 mins
  • Rating: M - offensive language & sexual references
  • Language: English


DRAMA:  The drama revolves around two men, a corrupter and a corruptee. Rick Carver [Michael Shannon] is a reptilian broker who specialises in home foreclosure. Dennis Nash [Andrew Garfield]  is one of his many victims, a hard-working tradesman who finds himself evicted from his home, only to then be offered work with Carver – doing unto others what’s just been done to him. Dennis finds himself submitting to Carver’s tutelage and ideology: survival is all, making a buck is all. Houses are not family homes but boxes – assets that facilitate income streams. To get his beloved family home, Dennis is forced to pay a high price. The loss of his soul.

99 Homes is about temptation, shame, humiliation and greed — and it’s got something to say about America’s toxic-loan slump and how the taxpayer-funded bailout created a bonanza for big businesses who could make money out of the recession. SOURCE: NZIFF

“This is a tough, muscular, idealistic drama that packs a mighty punch, and Shannon and Garfield are excellent”.       Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian