Come Back Anytime

  • Screening Dates: 10th November, 6pm
  • Starring: Masamoto Ueda, Takashi Tanaka
  • Directed by: John Daschbach
  • Running time: 81 mins
  • Rating: E - exempt
  • Language: Japanese with English subtitles
DOCUMENTARY:  Note – this film will screen only once.
One of the sweetest and most enjoyable films of the year. It will restore your faith in humanity. Graeme Tuckett –
Probably the best movie I’ve ever seen on the topic of the food culture of Japan.    Adam Platt –  Chief restaurant critic, New York Magazine

Ramen master, Masamoto Ueda and his wife, Kazuko have run their tiny Tokyo ramen shop, Bizentei for more than 40 years. During that time, many now-devoted customers have joined them in creating an intimate cornerstone of the community. On the weekends, Masamoto and Kazuko venture together across the lush Japanese countryside. Their ongoing mission is to harvest gourmet pears, dig up bamboo shoots and wild mountain yams as ingredients for their dishes. Sadly, Masamoto knows he must retire someday.

Using early footage and archival records, this documentary captures Masamoto’s early life when starting the business, his passion for cooking and his loyalty and love for his customers.