The Jonsson Gang

  • Screening Dates: 3rd November, 6pm  //  10th November, 8pm
  • Starring: Henrik Dorsin
  • Directed by: Tomas Alfredson
  • Running time: 120 mins
  • Rating: M - violence and course language
  • Language: Swedish & Finnish with English subtitles

Following a failed heist, Charles-Ingvar ‘Sickan’ Jonsson [Henrik Dorsin] ends up in prison. Once released, he discovers his gang have become law-abiding citizens and Sickan has to continue on his own when crime broker Anita tasks him with a simple burglary. Of course, the job turns out to be something a lot bigger than Sickan thought. Now he needs the help of his past accomplices to carry out the most difficult heist in the history of the gang. Relieving Stockholm’s Nordic Museum of the long-thought-lost Finnish crown!

Awash with charm and exuding a real swagger, this romp hits plenty of pitch-perfect notes, as it all builds towards a full-symphony-scored finale. This crowd-pleasing tale is a reboot of Sweden’s all-time favourite comedy franchise (Jönssonligan) dating from the 14th century.