The Good Boss

  • Screening Dates: 27th October, 6pm  //  3rd November, 8.10pm
  • Starring: Javier Bardem
  • Directed by: Fernando León de Aranoa
  • Running time: 119 mins
  • Rating: M - Violence, offensive language, sex scenes and nudity.
  • Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Benevolent patriarch, Julio Blanco [Javier Bardem] is CEO of a family company that manufactures precision industrial scales and is determined to win a prestigious business award. With the national committee about to arrive, everything must be perfect for their inspection of the premises. 
Julio does not care who he must seduce and destroy to gain the award.  So, in front of the media, he is all smiles and handshakes when giving a pep talk to his employees about the importance of community. But behind the scenes, Julio is ruthless with staff and fixates on shutting down a local protest taking place across the road from his factory. 
THE GOOD BOSS is the blackest of satires.  – Paul Byrnes, SMH