Jimmy’s Hall

  • Screening Dates: 26th February, 7.30pm (approx)  //  5th March, 6pm
  • Starring: Barry Ward, Simone Kirby, Jim Norton
  • Directed by: Ken Loach
  • Running time: 109 minutes
  • Rating: M violence, offensive language
  • Language: English

Jimmy’s Hall is a rousing and romantic re-telling of the true story of 1930s ┬áIrish folk hero James Groulton.

Though it features a dramatic scenario involving the censorship of a small Irish town, Loach manages to enliven potentially stuffy material with lively stories and likable personalities. Chief among them is real-life communist Jimmy Groulton (Barry Ward), who challenged the religious community in the provincial country town he grew up in by creating a gathering place for locals to dance and engage in intellectual discussion. That decision didn’t sit well with the Church and its devoted followers.

It’s an unusual story, vividly and intelligently told, and one that leaves you with a stirring sense of joy, injustice and hope. Loach has taken this despicable episode of modern Irish history, and made a surprisingly lovely, heartfelt film from it.