The Daughter

  • Screening Dates: 11th May, 6pm  //  18th May, 8pm
  • Starring: Paul Schneider, Geoffrey Rush, Anna Torv, Sam Neil
  • Directed by: Simon Stone
  • Running time: 95 mins
  • Rating: M - some content may upset (suicide)
  • Language: English

Australia – DRAMA:

Christian [Paul Schneider], a prodigal son returning after many years to his rural hometown, for his father’s wedding finds the world he knew pushed into a deepening decline hastened by his father’s recent closure of the local saw-mill. With his own marital situation unravelling, the last thing he wants to do be Henry’s [Geoffrey Rush] best man in his marriage to Anna [Anna Torv], a woman half his age, especially since his own mother was driven to suicide. His return brings with it the unravelling of a deep rooted family secret that threatens to break apart the lives of the few remaining townspeople, and those once closest to him. The Daughter is a loose adaptation of Ibsen’s 1884 play The Wild Duck and its themes of class and sexual division suggest they are still painfully real in the contemporary world.