The Duke

  • Screening Dates: 4th August, 6pm  //  11th August, 8pm
  • Starring: Jim Broadbent, Helen Mirren
  • Directed by: Roger Michell
  • Running time: 95 mins
  • Rating: M -offensive language


Kempton Bunton [Jim Broadbent], was a real-life aspiring Newcastle playwright and political agitator in the early 1960s. Notorious for challenging everything from the size of a pint at the local pub to having to pay for a television licence (to claim an exemption, he disabled his set so that it couldn’t get the BBC), his crusades against perceived injustices meant he struggled to hold down a job, and exasperated his long-suffering wife, Peggy [Helen Mirren]. 

Promising he’ll give up his campaign after one last attempt at persuading those in London of the importance of wiping the licence fee, Kempton secretly returns with an illegally obtained bargaining chip. Namely, Goya’s portrait of The Duke of Wellington. To Kenton, it is a symbol of everything that’s wrong about the country’s priorities. The Duke currently resides in the back of his wardrobe and Kenton now has to meticulously plan how to hand it back if his demands are met. And there’s also the matter of how to keep the theft a secret from his wife… 

The Duke is a British underdog story full of heart, humour and terrific performances. But it is also much more than that.   – James Croot,  STUFF