The Eagle Huntress

  • Screening Dates: 7th September, 6 pm  //  14th September, 8 pm
  • Starring: Ailsholpan Nurgaiv
  • Directed by: Otto Bell
  • Running time: 87 mins
  • Rating: G
  • Language: English


Set in the remote Altai Mountains of Mongolia, this documentary follows 13 year old Ailshopan, a fledgling eagle huntress who is ready to catch her first eagle to train for fox hunting and to enter the annual falconry competition. The first ever female to do so, she is ending the two millennia Kazakh-Mongolian tradition that dictates that only men can train eagles.

Capturing breathtaking views of snowy Mongolian landscapes, this documentary offers a bird’s eye view into the life of a true heroine. – Dustin Jansick, WayTooIndie