Walking the Camino

  • Screening Date: 19th November, 7.15pm
  • Directed by: Lydia B. Smith
  • Running time: 84 minutes
  • Rating: M

500 miles on foot. Bunk-beds. Blisters. Stunning landscapes. World-class snorers. Hot searing sun, freezing cold rain. Kindness from strangers. Debilitating injury. Unexpected romance. profound grief and self-doubt. Hunger. Laughter. Total exhaustion. These are guaranteed experiences for many who walk the anciant pilgrim path, the Camino de Santiago.

“Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago” follows 6 strangers from divers walks of life, in their attempt to cross an entire country on foot with only a back-pack, a pair of boots, and an open mind. Driven by an explicable calling and a grand sense of adventure, the pilgrims throw themselves heart and soul into their physical trek to Santiago, and their personal journey to themselves.