• Screening Dates: 12th May, 8pm  //  19th May, 6pm
  • Directed by: Gerard Johnstone NZ 2015
  • Running time: 107 mins
  • Rating: M
  • Language: English

COMEDY-HORROR | SPLATSTICK:  Funny, suspenseful and freighted with fright bombs, Housebound could easily be the most energising fun you’ve ever had at a New Zealand movie. Kylie Bucknell [ Morgana O’Rielly], the delinquent heroine sentenced by the court to eight months’ home detention, and fitted with an ankle tracker to ensure she stays there, sets out to make life hell for her mother, Miriam [Rima Te Wiata].

Hearing Miriam on talk radio confiding her anxieties about a supernatural presence in the house – which sure looks like it should have one – seems like the last straw for Kylie. Need we say that events in the attic will prove once again that the no-one does a splatstick film better than a first-time Kiwi writer-director.

SOURCE: NZ International Film Festival